Website Management Dubai

Is your site blocked by Google Safe Browsing?​ Are your emails not working because of it too?​

website management

Seems your website got hacked and no one noticed it too. Google blocks such website in order to provide a safe browsing environment for its users.

We know exactly how to get you off the block list and get your site working again. It’s a painstaking process, but we will surely get you back on track with your business in a hassle free manner. Website Management lets rely on a professional company like Chipin to get your website is clean and working well.

Our Website Management Service checks and backs up your site on a regular basis so it doesn’t go down in the first place. We also offer other IT Services apart from Website Management Services

9,500 malicious sites are blocked by google each day. 100,000 unsafe browsing warning per week.

Benefits of Website Management Services Dubai


Free SSL Certificate

save money

Website Backup


24x7 Site monitoring

security purposes

Expert Developers


Marketing Guidance


On Page SEO

Our Website Management Services Offerings

Website Blacklist Removal

In case of a disaster, we submit your site to all major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo as well as major security service providers such as McAfee, Symantec to get your site whitelisted

Website Virus Scanning

We perform regular and rigorous virus and malware checks onto your site in order to identify any security loopholes. Once found, our experts work on closing/correcting them making your site secure.

Website Up Time

We monitor your site for its up-times and down-times. This helps us in taking quick decisions in case we find a problem with your hosting provider or your site making your site fast and always available to your customers.

Website SEO

Your managed website will be included in our SEO monitoring schedule where we monitor and analyse your presence on the web and suggest you for any search engine improvements. This ensures you are ahead of your competitors

Over 30 Trillion Web pages indexed by Google

Website Management Service Plans

Manged Website Services - Enterprise Package

Generally preferred by large corporate houses which are looking for experts to manage their business website

  • Daily monitoring of your website
  • Daily Backup
  • Free SSL Certificate
Managed Website Services - Premium Package (Most Preferred)

Generally preferred by Small and Medium businesses who do not get much traffic on the site and are looking for an expert to ensure that the site works most of the time

  • Weekly monitoring of your website
  • Weekly Backup
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A basic package ensuring that your site work and is backed up.

  • Monthly monitoring of your website
  • Monthly Backup